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First Communion

Category: Rosary Gift Ideas

What Is The First Communion?

The First Communion originated in the Holy Catholic Church. It is a ceremony of the first Eucharist received by a person.

Usually a person will receive the First Communion in their early childhood years, usually the third grade depending on what country. If someone were to join the Catholic Church later on in their life, they would have to enroll in a program called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) to begin receiving communion.

The First Communion is also practiced in other non-Catholic churches but given different names.

The First Communion is symbolic to the Last Supper Jesus Christ had with his disciples. The Eucharist is makes up for the bread as the wine makes up for the Blood of Christ.

Why Does The Rosary Make A Great First Communion Gift?

People who pray the rosary tend to be overall more religious. When someone receives their First Communion is usually a sign of becoming a better Christian.

What better way to help them along the way then to give them a Beadiful Rosary that will assist them on their journey to better Christianity and prayer oriented.