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Making A Rosary

Making a rosary can be fun but is often not simple. When you create a rosary you start from the left side of the centerpiece looking at it from the front. After you have added your chain, beads, and your Our Father beads, you may connect it to the right side of the centerpiece. Remember there are 5 decades on an average rosary that consist of 10 beads each.

From there you will work your way down from the bottom of the centerpiece to the cross. There will 5 beads between the center piece and the cross.

Making a rosary can be complicated so leave it to the experts. At Beadiful we hand craft your rosary from high quality material. And we will build it according to your design.

All you do is follow the easy steps off the build your own page. Once your order is received we will build it off your design and mail it to your front door.

If your rosary ever breaks we will fix it for free for life!

Build your own perfect rosary in 60 seconds!

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