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Quality handmade rosaries by independent artists in the USA.

Hand Made Rosaries

To make a hand made rosary requires time and a steady hand. Each rosary has 59 beads, 6 which consist of Our Father beads. Hand made rosaries are wonderful because they are built with someone in mind, and every artist wants to make that someone feel special.

When a factory makes a rosary there are several hundred produced at a time with less quality, and never is a rosary one of a kind.

Here at Beadiful we make your rosary by hand and if you tell us who your rosary is for, we will recognize that person and maybe even do something special for them. Beadiful is a family owned company so when you come to us for a rosary you are becoming apart of a family.

We do things different

If you were to buy a rosary from your typical religious store that's the end of it. If it ever breaks you have to buy a new one. At Beadiful we will fix your rosary for life, no questions asked!

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