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Funeral Flower Rosary

A funeral is a day with many emotions. While the human body remains on Earth and is mourned, the spirit is forever saved in God's light. What we are left with are many multitudes of memories to comfort us, which can be uplifting but deeply saddening.

We at Beadiful Rosaries want to help preserve the memory of your loved one. In fact, a core reason of why we started Beadiful was exactly this. We offer a specialized service that uses dried flowers from the funeral ceremony as a part of a rosary that can be forever preserved in a meaningful way. A little about our process:

  • The flowers are dried thoroughly by the customer and carefully packed and mailed to Beadiful.
  • The dried flower petals are turned into a special ceramic and clay mix that is glossed and kilned by hand.
  • The hand-made beads are connected one-by-one onto the highest quality, full-metal jewelry.
  • Finally, we quality inspect each and every rosary before carefully packaging and mailing it directly to your door.

Hand-made with love, a meaningful tribute.

Because we do everything by hand at Beadiful, be patient with your order. We want to respect your loved one and we must spend time to get it right. Everything is made in the USA by the most skilled of artisans, so you can trust that it will be done right. And, if your rosary ever breaks, we'll fix it for free, for life.

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