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Flower Petal Rosary

A flower petal rosary is the ultimate rosary for celebrating and remembering a special ceremony. From a baptism to a first communion to a wedding, the flowers from the ceremony can be forever immortalized as a rosary that will be passed down through the family for generations.

Flowers from Weddings

As important as flowers are to any wedding, a flower petal rosary is a wonderful way to forever keep the flowers from the ceremony. Simple drying and storing of the flowers is popular, but results in a very, very fragile item. A rosary on the other hand is sturdy and long-lasting because the flowers are turned into specialized ceramic/clay beads that are formed, glossed and kilned at high temperature before being connected with solid metal fasteners.

Flowers from Funerals

The flower petal rosary is the best tribute you can make to a loved one after the pass. They contain the same flowers that were used in the actual ceremony and can be passed down for years and generations.

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