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Quality handmade rosaries by independent artists in the USA.

Customized Rosary

Are you tired of cookie cutter rosaries that are mass produced in some foreign country where Catholicism isn't even a common religion? These types of rosaries don't speak to you, and they certainly aren't something you'd want to give as a gift. Why not design a customized rosary with that special someone in mind? You could customize it anyway you like and have it handmade.

Choose from hundreds of styles of custom glass beads, solid metal centerpieces and crucifixes and several link metal choices to create your perfect rosary! It's super easy. After you select all the pieces (we'll walk you through the process step-by-step), you simply add it to your cart just like anyone else. You can get started by clicking here....

How is Beadiful different?

Well, for one, we make your rosary by hand right here in the USA. We believe that for something to be truly loved, it has to be made with love (and a machine can't love!). That's why our artists only begin on your order after they receive it. We have no inventory of pre-made rosaries! We only have the materials and expert rosary builders.

Build your own perfect rosary in 60 seconds!

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